Topup service


Don’t you want to pay monthly’s on early driving test dates which you may not use!!
We have a solution to that problem, you can use our top up service..

At yessi, we deliver to thousands cancelation driving test dates to our ADI Since 2016, our platform has
been the easiest way to get your candidates an early driving test without hassle.

How does it work?

1. Top up your wallet
2. Login and put you candidates details in
3. Start recieving SMS and emails
4. When happy with a cancelation respond ‘book’ within 15 mins of notification.
5. The checker will automatically change the test
6. Dvsa will email confirmation of new test date.


1. No monthly costs involved in this service
2. No hidden charges
3. For each cancelation date will cost less £5 a date
4. No expiry on your credit (use the checker after 1 year later and there will be no issue)
5. Budget your cancelations easy.
6. Having your own cancelation checker
7. Earn extra money from your candidates
8. Saves you time and money looking for cancelation yourself.
9. Improves your business customer service, as no other instructors can provide.

ADI can budget themselves to top up their wallet as for example £20 can get you 4 cancelation dates
with no expiry date.